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The Tree Planting Tumblr Meet Up!
And more fun and games in between!
Registration Fee: 150 Pesos
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Participant Organizer Agreement, Payment Procedures
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The Tree Planting Tumblr Meet Up!

And more fun and games in between!

Registration Fee: 150 Pesos

We will only recognize RSVP in the link below, all that is made through the Tumblr RSVP Page will not be recognized. Registration and Payment is from September 1, 2011 to October 10, 2011. Registration Fee payment is also from the same period, all RSVP entries without payment by October 10, 2011 will have their participation forfeited.


Participant Organizer Agreement, Payment Procedures

More questions? Tumblr Ask me or the following People. You can also reach me thru for more details.



Awesome poster design? This poster is made by Cedie (@muntingprinsipe). Souvenir will be a surprise :)

PS: Do not delete the original caption please.


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WikiLeaks Cables on The Arroyos:

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So wrong

Arguments against the reproductive health bill have evolved. The good thing is that purely religious ones are now rarely used. These are now masked with “scientific” data. The bad thing is that these new arguments are so wrong.

We hear anti-RH legislators like Rep. Mitos Magsaysay and Senator Vicente Sotto say that a reproductive health bill is not needed because other laws and policies are already in place. They point to Republic Act No. 9710, the Magna Carta of Women as the law that allegedly contains everything the RHB wants to do.

In fact, when Magsaysay interpellated RH bill author Rep. Kimi Cojuangco, she named me as someone who helped put together the MCW and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. To be accurate, I was with the Technical Committee for the Bicameral Committee that finalized the MCW but failed to attend meetings for the IRR.

I do not know why Magsaysay singled me out but it felt like I did wrong for helping Congress pass a measure that upholds women’s rights as human rights.

Anti-RH lawmakers allege that the RH bill copied provisions from the MCW. Reviewing the bills’ history will show that the provisions referred to have been in the RH bill years before the MCW included them. Actually, MCW lifted some RH elements and integrated these in its Sec. 17, Women’s Right to Health. Since the MCW has been enacted before the RH bill, they now claim that it’s the other way around. This is so WRONG.

These lawmakers assert that the magna carta and its implementing rules render the RH bill redundant and therefore, unnecessary. I beg to disagree.

One, the MCW is for women while the RH bill will address reproductive health needs of everyone including men, young people, those who have serious conditions such as HIV and AIDS, and even persons with disabilities. Thus, in terms of people who will benefit from the law, the RH bill’s coverage is more comprehensive.

Two, our legislators know (or at least they should) that there are general and specific laws. The Magna Carta for Women is an example of a general law since it contains ALL rights of women in different sectors and circumstances. It has provisions on women’s rights to: participation and representation; equal access and elimination of discrimination in education, scholarships, and training; health; equal treatment before the law; non-discriminatory and non-derogatory portrayal in media; social protection, etc.

It also advances specific rights of women in the military, in marginalized sectors, senior citizens, in especially difficult circumstances, and others.

The RH bill is specific because it deals solely with reproductive health needs of people. Because it is RH-specific, it outlines concrete programs that are mentioned in, and those NOT in MCW.

Just like the Labor Code of the Philippines which at times becomes the basis of other labor-related laws, the MCW is in fact, a legal basis for the passage of the RHB. Since family planning services, maternal care, and youth sexuality education are already included in the listing of women’s health-related services in the MCW law, there really is no reason for objections against the RH bill.

The enactment of the RH bill is necessary so that the Magna Carta for Women can be better implemented. The former concretizes the general services in the latter.

Three, in terms of RH services, the magna carta is incomplete. Oppositors will say that the IRR contains more but scrutiny of this document will reveal that while a few related services are mentioned, they are still in general terms.

Moreover, an IRR does not carry the weight of a law. It can be easily changed depending on the temperament of current political leadership.

Some of the concrete provisions of the RH bill (House version) that are either absent from or made more specific than those in the Magna Carta for Women and its implementing rules are:

1. Midwives for skilled attendance (Sec. 5);

2. Emergency obstetric and neonatal care (Sec. 6);

3. Access to family planning (Sec. 7);

4. Maternal and newborn health care in crisis situations (Sec. 8);

5. Maternal death review (Sec. 9);

6. Family planning supplies as essential medicines (Sec. 10);

7. Integration of responsible parenthood and family planning component in anti-poverty programs (Sec. 12);

8. Benefits for serious and life-threatening RH conditions (Sec. 14);

9. Mobile health care service (Sec. 15);

10. Capability building of barangay health workers (BHWs) (Sec. 19);

11. Pro-bono services for indigent women (Sec. 22);

12. Sexual and RH programs for PWDs (Sec. 23); and

13. Prohibited acts (Sec. 28).

Clearly therefore, the RH bill is not a replica of the Magna Carta for Women and its IRR. Saying that it is redundant and unnecessary is so wrong.

Sotto repeatedly asserts that Congress no longer needs to pass the RH bill because the Department of Health is already doing the services proposed by the bill. Indeed, the present DoH leadership is much more progressive on RH matters than previous ones under former President Macapagal-Arroyo (except of course former Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral).

However, it is incorrect to say that Health Department is already doing everything it should in relation with RH. The DoH needs the law to effectively address the huge need for access to RH services especially by women in poverty.

The experience with Mrs. Arroyo, who opposed contraceptives, implemented a failed Natural Family Planning-only program, and halted the previous Congress’ RH bill deliberation is one of the strongest arguments for the passage of the RH bill.

We have also seen the effects of the Atienza order in Manila that effectively prohibits public heath providers from dispensing contraceptives and moves by other LGUs such as Barangay Ayala Alabang; Balanga, Bataan; and Cebu to curtail people’s right to RH services. These are reasons why enacting the RH bill is urgent.

The country cannot continue to be held hostage by religious beliefs of those who hold government power.

With the RH law in place, standardized programs with sufficient budgetary support will be implemented throughout the Philippines whoever the President, DoH Secretary, governors, or mayors, may be.

All these “new” anti-RH bill arguments are so wrong. It is urgent that the RH bill is passed.

There’s The Rub: Dumating na ang araw n’yo

By: Conrado de Quiros

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Tapos na nga ang Linggo ng Wika, pero hindi pa rin naman tapos ang Buwan ng Wika, pwede pang ihabol ito. At kahit na kantong Tagalog pa rin lang ang alam ko, pipilitin kong mabigyang anyo ang nararamdaman ng bayan ngayon. Baka nga mas angkop ang salitang kanto para dito.

Dalawang taon na ang nakakaraan mula ng sinulat ko ang “May araw din kayo” bilang pagtugis sa mga bwisit sa ating buhay. Di pa rin tuluyang nawawala ang mga bwisit na ’yan, pero masasabi na nating “Tapos na ang maliligayang araw n’yo.” Sa totoo, pwede na nga rin nating sabihing “Dumating na ang araw n’yo.”

Para ’to sa kanila:

Kayong mga nagsasabing lubayan na ang pag-usig sa mga nandaraya, nandarambong, at nagsalaula sa bayan nitong nakaraang dekada dahil ito ay persecution o paninikil at walang magandang naidudulot sa bayan, kami ang lubayan n’yo. Kami ang tantanan n’yo. Kami ang tigilan n’yo. Bumenta na ang dramang ’yan, nilalangaw na sa takilya and sarswelang ’yan. Noon pa ’yan sinasabi ni Imelda, na me paiyak-iyak pa, me pa dab dab pa sa mata ng panyolitong binababad sa pabango, persecution daw ang pag-usig sa kanila. Persecution daw ang paghabol sa ninakaw nila. Persecution daw ang pagsisikap na maikulong sila.

Kung nilalait ka dahil pandak ka, maitim ka, steel wool ang buhok mo, ang tawag d’yan ay persecution. Kung inuusig ka dahil magnanakaw ka, mandaraya ka, walanghiya ka, ang tawag d’yan ay katarungan. Kung nilalait ka dahil maganda ka, mayaman ka, matalino ka, ang tawag d’yan ay inggit. Kung inuusig ka dahil nagpakasasa ka, nagkasala ka, gumawa ka ng katiwalian, ang tawag d’yan ay dapat lang.

Kung hindi mo alam ang pagkakaiba n’yan, barilin mo na lang ang sarili mo sa puso.

Kayong mga prayle na labis na nasindak sa paintings na me lalawit-lawit na ari ng lalaki sa mukha ni Hesukristo, di n’yo ba naisip na kayo ang tinutukoy n’yan? Na kayo ang naghahagis ng kung anu-anong kalaswaan sa mukha ng inyong Poon, na Poon din ng nakararaming Pilipino? Ano’ng sabi n’yo nang nabulgar ’yong paninikil n’yo sa PCSO? Ang PCSO ang dapat magpaumanhin sa inyo dahil sinabi nitong nangikil kayo ng Pajero samantalang ang totoo ay nangikil kayo ng Montero? At ano’ng sinabi n’yo nang mabuking ang paborito n’yong presidente na nagnanakaw ng boto? “Lahat naman sila nandadaya”?

Di n’yo lang pinapaskelan ng mga ari ng lalaki ang mukha ni Kristong Hari sa mga ganyang asta. Hinahagisan n’yo ito noong bagay na lumalabas sa inyo pag nakaupo kayo sa trono.

Gusto ko rin sanang sabihin na bumenta na ’yan, nilalangaw na ’yan, pero panahon pa ni Rizal ginagawa n’yo na ’yan at tunay na himala na hanggang ngayon ay nagagawa n’yo pa ’yan. Daig ang “Ten Commandments” na isang taon na sa Galaxy pinipilahan pa rin ng mga deboto. Pasuot-suot pa kayo ng puti and paki-pakita pa kayo ng pagkagimbal sa makasalanang mundo. Di ba si Kristo na rin ang nagsabi na ang nasa loob ng magagarang libingan ay naaagnas na balat?

Ikaw naman Mike Arroyo, nabisto ka na, papalusot ka pa. Buti secondhand helicopter ang binenta mo sa mga kakuntsabang heneral, hindi Tamiya. ’Di ka pa nakontentong magpamalas sa publiko ng kawalang kabusugan, nagpamalas ka pa ng kawalang galang sa kaugaliang Pilipino.

Di ba sa ating mga Pinoy, kapag kuya ka, ikaw ang tagakupkop sa nakababatang kapatid, ikaw ang tagatanggol sa nakababatang kapatid, ikaw ang tagaprotekta sa nakababatang kapatid? E, ikaw, e, para lang mailigtas ang sarili, una mong binabalato ’yung nakababata mong kapatid, una mong pinapahamak ang nakababata mong kapatid, una mong hinaharap sa bala ang nakababata mong kapatid. Ginawa mo na s’yang Pidal, gagawin mo pa s’yang taga ukay-ukay ng helicopter.

Gusto ko rin sanang sabihin na ’yong isa naman ay Dakilang Martir or Dakilang Tanga. Pero nakinabang din, naging kongresista.

Tanga man, di naman dakila.

Kayong mga Comelec commissioners, mga heneral, mga kongresista, at mga obispong tumulong kay Gloriang mandaya at mailuklok s’ya sa poder, huwag kayong mag-alala, dadamihan namin ang mga kulungan para lang mapagkasya kayong lahat. At least pwede kaming mangarap na makukulong din ang mga pekeng alagad ng Diyos. Hindi na kayo nahiya, kayo pa naman ang naturingang tagapagtanggol ng halalan (Comelec), tagapagtanggol ng bayan (AFP), tagapagtaguyod ng batas (Kongreso), taga gabay sa moralidad (Simbahan). Tindi n’yo mga tsong. Binaboy n’yo ang mga institusyon n’yo.

At ikaw naman Gloria, paawa epek ka pa d’yan, bigla kang magkakasakit nitong mga araw na malapit ka nang tamaan ng kidlat. Sabi ng mga kakampi mo, teka muna, totoo namang me sakit ka, at malubha pa. Sensya na, pero ganyan talaga ang sinasapit ng mga taong nagsasabi na hindi tatakbo pero tumatakbo, “I am sorry” pero hindi naman sori. At ipagpalagay na nating totoo ngang me sakit ka, at malubha pa, ano ngayon?

Naaawa nga kami sa iyo, mas naaawa naman kami sa sarili. Naaawa nga kami sa pamilya mo, mas naaawa naman kami sa bayan.

Sa loob ng sampung taong nakaratay ang bayan, naawa ka ba? Sa loob ng sampung taong namimilipit ang bayan, nahabag ka ba? Sa loob ng sampung taong nag-aagaw hininga ang bayan, nabahala ka ba? Ano, kakalimutan na lang natin ang hustisya dahil me sakit ka? Ipagpapaliban na lang natin ang katarungan dahil me karamdaman ka?

Kapareho ka na rin nung mga pinatatawag sa Senate hearing na biglang nagme-“may I go out” dahil nakakaramdam daw sila ng mataas na presyon. Aba’y dapat lang tumaas ang presyon n’yo.

Ang ina n’yo, na si Inang Bayan, ay nananangis. And ina n’yo, na si Inang Bayan, ay naghihinagpis. Ang ina n’yo, na si Inang Bayan, ay nagngingitngit.

Pero me bawi ang lahat, pumipihit din ang panahon. Lintik lang ang walang ganti. Tanga lang ang di nagkakaroon ng hustisya. Bampira lang ang di nasisilayan ng liwanag.

Dumating na ang araw n’yo.

Virtual marks, real change by Move.PH

Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 6:27pm

By Ayee Macaraig 

MANILA, Philippines — In what seemed like a huge tweetup (i.e. meet-up of people on Twitter), the Philippines’ top netizens gathered in the Globe Tatt Awards to honor the best personalities in virtual networks and push for change in the real world. 

The first Tatt Awards recognized ten individuals who made a strong impact on social media in fields ranging from technology, governance, fashion, art, music to humor. The awarding ceremony was held at the Peninsula Manila hotel on August 26, Friday. 

A panel of judges called the Tatt Council chose the winners from 500 nominees. The judges’ scores made up 90% of the results while the other 10% was from online voting. 

The Tatt Awardees are: 

  1. The One (most influential and popular social media user) - Filipino Freethinkers of, @ffreethinkers on Twitter
  2. Word Slayer (witty and humorous blogger) - Loi Reyes Landicho of, @HecklerForever on Twitter
  3. Tech Junkie - Mark Macanas of, @techpinas on Twitter
  4. The Advocate (social media user with a cause) - reproductive health advocate Elizabeth Angsioco of, @bethangsioco on Twitter
  5. The Artiste (visual art creator) - Jin Joson of
  6. The Ballbreaker (opinionated, ballsy social media user) - actress and singer Lea Salonga, @msleasalonga on Twitter 
  7. Stylisimo (fashion trendsetter) - Laureen Uy of, @laureenuy on Twitter
  8. #Thought Mover (creator of a popular Twitter hashtag) - actress Bianca Gonzalez, @iamsuperbianca on Twitter
  9. Video Slinger (viral video maker) - Mikey Bustos of 
  10. Indie Rocker - the band Up Dharma Down of

Special awards were also given to comedian Vice Ganda (@vicegandako) as the “Tatt Most Likable Personality” for having the most “likes” on Facebook, John Gilbert and Maria Aragon as “Tatt Viral Rookies” for their videos that became a hit online, and socialite Divine Lee as the “Tatt Trending Personality” for promoting the hashtag #tattawards.

Leading the social media revolution 

Seasoned broadcast journalist Maria Ressa, who was part of the Tatt Council members, stressed the power of social media users to change the real world. 

Ressa cited the Arab spring as an example of how citizens use online networks to topple dictators. Yet, she pointed out that the London riots showed how the same tools can be used to plot anarchy. 

The former ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs chief called on Filipino netizens to lead efforts to maximize the use of social media for nation-building. “It can help in governance. It can help change behavior and infuse new meaning into political processes. For countries like the Philippines, there’s a great opportunity for journalists and the people to come together and help identify needs and push for solutions.” 

"Remember, we should be at the forefront of this revolution because we are officially the social media capital of the world according to ComScore."

Globe Tattoo Head Dong Ronquillo said the Tatt Award winners are already leading the way. “The reason why we have Tatt Awards is to recognize how these people make use of social media responsibly and for a cause. It’s more of how do we bring social media to a higher level. It’s not just about tweeting. It’s about expressing yourself. It’s about being relevant, making an impact on society.” 

The start of action 

In classic heckler style, Landicho expressed his gratitude for the award through a blog entry ( “After the win, my friend said, ‘Thank everyone who supported you. Hold a press con next week!’ Ano ako? DOJ secretary?”


Angsioco was equally thankful, telling Move.PH that the award was unexpected. She admitted that even if she is not a techie, she learned how to use social media to push for her reproductive health advocacy and reach the youth. 

"If you notice, I rarely tweet personal things. I almost always tweet things that are related to the issues that I care about: reproductive health bill, governance, and things like those because to me, the information that I get is important and therefore should be shared with others, and also to gather the perspectives of others in relation to those issues." 

Uy meanwhile initially got on the social media bandwagon to promote her online business. She said it eventually became an opportunity to do more things. “I started to inspire young entrepreneurs and young fashionistas. That also inspired me to continue a blog. I just wanted to inspire people and through social media, I was able to do that, to have my business, to inspire people, and to educate them also.” 

For the Filipino Freethinkers, social media was a jumping board to organize. Red Tani said the group started as a mailing list in 2009 and grew into a forum, a website, and then a ground-based organization. The Filipino Freethinkers is a group of non-believers and progressive believers pushing for a secular Filipino society by promoting reason and science. 

"We want to emphasize social media should only be a start and not the end of action. Action should always be out there in the real world," said Tani. - Move.PH

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